The Health Care System

Health System

Your Core Health = Stamina + Size

Your Hit Points = your Core Health x3 i.e. (Stamina+Size)x3

Your Bloodied Value = half your hit points.
If you are bloodied, you suffer a -1 to all your rolls.

If your health drops to your core health value, you are bleeding out and all your rolls suffer a -2 modifier. You must roll a Stamina roll to remain conscious (this is the only roll that does not suffer the -2 modifier).

Whether or not you remain conscious, you continue to bleed out. Every minute, you lose another hit point. Notice in combat, this will not make a difference as rounds are only 5 seconds long. The only way to stop the bleeding is to attempt first aid on yourself (at a -2 penalty) or receive first aid from another.

Example of the Health System

Jack’s Stamina = 3 and Size = 5. He adds the two together for a Core Health = 8. He multiplies his Core Health by 3 for a total of 24 Hit Points. His bloodied value is half of his Hit Points, or 12.
Hit Points = 24
Bloodied = 12
Bleeding Out / Core Health = 8

Jack said the wrong thing at the bar and now he is outside getting his ass kicked. The two guys go to work on him with their fists and he quickly drops to 12 hit points. His Defense and his own attacks now suffer a -1.

Jack knows he better do something quick before he becomes a statistic in the morning paper. He spends a Willpower to use Second Wind. For one round he fights defensively, gaining 2 to his defense while making no attacks. He also gains back 8 temporary hit points, taking him back up to 20. He is no longer suffering the -1 to his rolls. However, he also knows this adrenaline rush will probably only last him to the end of the fight so he better finish is quick. He pulls a knife and the other guys do too.

One of Jack’s attackers is slashed pretty bad and backs out of the fight, but not before he got in a couple good ones of his own. The second attacker is able to drop Jack down to 8 hit points before he himself drops unconscious from his wounds.

Now Jack is in trouble. He is Bleeding Out and all of his rolls suffer -2. He also has to make an immediate Stamina check to see if he remains conscious. His Stamina is 3 so he rolls 3 dice (stamina is the only roll not effected by the -2 modifier) and he rolls one success. He stays conscious but now he races against the clock. Every minute he does not receive fist aid, he loses another hit point.

Death and Dying

At 0 hit points you are dead and the medics bring out the shock paddles. A medic has 3 minutes to bring you back from the great beyond. A medic administering first aid must roll enough successes to equal ten minus your Stamina or Resolve (whichever is higher). i.e. If your Stamina is 3 and Resolve is 2, a medic must roll 7 successes (10 -3 stamina) in 3 minutes.

If the successes are not rolled, first aid is not administered, or the character decides not to return from the light, they are dead. Death happens to real people and more often to monster hunters. The player rolls up a new character. Maybe back up was sent from base. Maybe one of the NPC’s decides to join the fight and signs up with MHI after the adventure. Who knows?

Jack Example cont.

Jack staggers back into the bar and collapses. He has 7 hit points remaining by the time they call the ambulance. They try applying pressure but he is bleeding internally from the beating. It takes the paramedics 7 minutes to get there and begin administering first aid. Jack is at 0 and they start chest compressions, set up an iv, and bring in the paddles. Thankfully, these are well trained medics and the are able to get 7 successes in the first minute, leaving two minutes to spare.

Medic Care

In combat, a medic can spend their standard action on you, slapping a bandage on you and giving you a Fentanyl lollipop. You gain temporary hit points equal to 5+ the successes rolled in their first aid roll. These temporary hit points are the first to be removed if you suffer new damage and any remaining ones are removed when combat is over.

Outside of Combat, a medic can give proper first aid. They restore 1 hit point per success in their first aid roll. Each roll equals 1 minute of work.

Anyone with hit points equal or less than their bloodied value can only be healed up to their bloodied value. Anyone above their bloodied value can be healed up to full hit points.

Once a person’s hit points drop to their bloodied value, it takes two days of rest with medical care to regain their full hit points. A medic with the Holistic Healing Merit can reduce this to one day of rest and intense medical care.
This represents a far faster healing time than the World of Darkness system. I just don’t want my people to be holed up for two weeks trying to heal. Call me impatient.

The Health Care System

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