MHI Training

Monster Hunter Training is tough. It is 6+ weeks of physical fitness, shooting, hand-to-hand, classroom learning, and grossness. Don’t forget learning (and practicing) how to take off heads, burn bodies, and the Gut Crawl. Of the people that accept the invite, only about 40% will make it through. At the end of the course, they will probably still get eaten but at least they have a chance.

Characters are given an extra 25 experience points to spend on skills covered during the MHI training. At the end of training, each character must have at least a specialization in Occult, Athletics, Firearms, and Weaponry. They also receive the Merit Status:MHI with one dot. They are newbies, but they are part of the team.

For these specializations, you do not have to have normal one dot requirement for a specialization. In other words, your instructors are teaching you the very basics, not how it works.

Once you have at least a specialization in Occult, Athletics, Firearms, and Weaponry, you may spend or save the extra XP. If you spend it, please let the storyteller know how it fit into your personal training during the 6 weeks.

Upon graduation, you also receive MHI Special Issue Body Armor , a small or large SMG (see pg. 169) according to your strength, and certain team related gear. Ask the storyteller if the gear you want to carry is covered by MHI.


Leanne Touye has joined the forces of MHI after surviving a nasty vampire run-in. She was a social trend setter in moneyed Old South but now that she has seen behind the veil, she cannot go back to that old life. Her previous life did little to prepare her for the Hunt.

Her skills include:
1 Academics
3 Politics – Specialization in Scandals
3 Athletics – Specialization in Distance Running
2 Firearms – She did grow up in the South
2 Drive
4 Persuasion
4 Socialize – Specialization in Formal affairs

Her MHI training gives her 25 points to spend, but she has to fill the skill requirements of Occult, Athletics, Firearms, and Weaponry first.

For Occult, she takes the specialization in vampires. She spends 3 of her 25 points and will gain a bonus dice anytime a knowledge roll is needed on vampires.

She already has three dots in Athletics and two dots in Firearms which meets the requirements for each. She does not have to spend anymore points there unless she just wants to.

She has no points in Weaponry so she must spend at least 3 XP on a specialization. However, she really focused on learning to use a spear during her training. She figures a spear is just a steak you don’t have to get as close with. She spends 3 XP on a spear specialization.

Leanne Touye now has all of her prerequisites met and has 19 XP left over.

She considers spending 9 XP buying 2 dots in Weaponry (3 for the first dot, 6 for the second) leaving her with 10 XP. She would be able to add 3 dice anytime she uses a spear.

Instead, she buys a third dot in Strength. This will add to her spear roll and allow her to carry the heavy machine gun. No vampire will touch her again. The third dot in Strength costs 15 XP. She spends 3 more XP to specialize in the Heavy SMG she can now carry.

She banks the last XP for the future.

Finally, upon graduation from MHI training, she attains the merit Status:MHI with one dot, the MHI Special Issue Body Armor, a small SMG and 5 10-ft spears that can be broken down. She is ready to fight back.

MHI Training

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