MHI Special Issue Body Armor

Body Armor for the Hunter


Basic MHI Armor stats
Armor Rating: 3/3 (general attacks / firearms attacks up to and including pistols)
Strength Requirement: 2
Defense: -1
Speed: -1

With Ceramic Plates added for Extra Protection
Armor Rating: 3/4 (general attacks / firearms attacks up to and including rifles)
Strength Requirement: 2
Defense: -2
Speed: -2

The armor is a modular system that can be configured by the user depending on the threat. The basic armor turns lethal melee attacks into bashing attacks. Chest and head are “bullet proof” meaning anything up to and including a pistol shot will be downgraded from lethal to bashing damage.

With the ceramic plates added, the hunter is slower but better protected from firearms. Firearms attacks up to and including rifle rounds will be downgraded to bashing.

The armor is also equipped with lots of webbing and pouches to hold tools, a flotation device, and a GPS.

Paraphrased from Chapter 5 of Monster Hunter, International

A thick layer of stab-proof Kevlar covered the vital organs. Though not much heavier than regular thick clothing, the sleeves and pant legs had the same fibers sewn into the fabric. There was a neck guard that could be raised to resemble a turtle neck to protect against bites. Most of the threats we would face would involve teeth or claws, so unlike regular body armor, ours was designed for that rather than for bullet resistance.

The helmet, an armored monstrosity that looked kind of like a motorcycle helmet with a full visor and face shield, could be attached to the neck guard. With the heavy gloves and big helmet, a suited Monster Hunter could become a chew toy for a pile of zombies and come out gnawed on, but unbitten.

The armor had lots of extras designed just for the people in our peculiar business. A CO2 cartridge was carried in the shoulder harness. In case of emergency it could be activated and the harness would inflate. Handy if you got dumped into deep water, because it was difficult to swim while strapped with piles of gear. My understanding was that Sam, our former SEAL, had insisted on that device. Each suit also had a GPS unit for navigation, which occasionally came in handy to locate a Hunter’s body when the bad guys won.

The armor could be ordered in whatever color you wanted, as long as it was black, olive drab, or coyote brown. There was not a lot of use for festive colors in monster hunting.


MHI Special Issue Body Armor

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