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01-19-12, Simon's Journal

bar fight


Today was a slightly more pleasant day than yesterday. At least today I didn’t have to watch J.T. and all my other comrades get their blood sucked out of their bodies by something that looked like it had dropped from Mars. Seriously, had it been grey and not wanting to kill us, I would have asked what planet it was from and why it was on my rock.

Today was mostly a day for recon, tracking the Chupacabra, or rather following their tracks, all the way back to their nest. The kid that went with us, J.J., we couldn’t get him involved but we couldn’t necessarily leave him alone out here. Granted he had a rifle but that didn’t do much to the creepy little alien critters. Hell, my big bullets definitely did the trick, but the problem was actually hitting the little buggers. When I missed that one bugger as I sat up in the tree, I could hear my old squadmates turning in their graves. So, I got stuck with babysitting duty and stayed behind with J.J. but it didn’t necessarily matter as my loyal partner has a range of little over a mile and my comrades were only going a half mile out. What made things a little bit of a hassle was when I heard the word “zombie” hit my radio and then smoke starting to flare up over the treeline and rising into the vulture filled sky. J.J. was not at all pleasant about the fire and while to him that it was all under control, he took off leaving me stranded since I was riding on the back of his ATV. Least he wasn’t heading toward the fire or things would have gotten even more complicated. This complicated was only as uncomfortable as my rear end as I found a rather uncomfortable hot seat on the hood of an ATV as we headed back to town instead of having a kid being tracked by the MCB.

As we got to town, the girls decided to take off to the bar after having changed into something more revealing and not at all protective. My conscience would not allow me to let them go alone, we were in a place where we were considered strange and people wondered why we were carrying automatic weapons around town. They were cautious and the girls letting their guards down was a stupid, rookie mistake. Val mentioned about going to a fireworks shop and what with zombies possibly being on the table, it would be better to not only blow them apart but burn them in the process. I asked her to get me some fireworks with magnesium, she could take it out of my cut and keep it for herself later. 2000 degrees Celsius would definitely make anything burn and putting the powder in the tip of my bullets would most definitely do the trick. I ordered some extra so that Nie could have some combustible arrows, but she may not like them considered the arrowhead and shaft would be melted into liquid once the powder lit.

After leaving my note on the counter, I took off to the bar and followed Nie and Jack to where they started flirting and getting information from J.J. and his kid brothers. J.J. was not that happy about them being there but started to warm up to them which was a good thing. I had to sit outside, I looked like a SWAT team member and the only thing I needed was my rifle to stand out more but eventually I went in for a shot. Only one, I don’t like it that much but it does feel good to have something every now and then.

Turning over to the back door, I saw Ems pulling the younger boy out the back door and I smiled, got up and started walking to the front door. Turning into the alley, I saw the two talking and when he started cursing I had him by the shoulders and jammed by thumbs in, letting him know not to curse in front of a woman.

The kid didn’t have that much information in him so we let him go but J.J. was getting all wrapped up and wanted to get a go at Val. Val obliged, being military I knew she wasn’t going to back down and she gained a few respect points in my book. The kid though, needed to be put in his place and I didn’t mind doing it. The girls were trying their best to “break up” the fight but weren’t doing too well. Nie got knocked over and Jack was struggling so I didn’t what I had to. Elbow to the temple, and J.J. fell like a stone. The thud was our cue to get out and so we did, Jack and Nie staying behind to create local relations. Oh well, the first bar fight I had been in was a bit of a let down but it had been quite fun. Simon Auditore signing off.


Great write up!! I hadn’t even thought about you having to ride back on the hood on an ATV (lol). 3 bonus XP for Simon.

01-19-12, Simon's Journal
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