Monster Hunter International - Texas Division

J.T.'s Journal

From the hospital

So a couple of days ago, I called up Earl for help on a case. I had a hunch but he confirmed they were Chupacabre. Earl sent down a team that I took to the latest scene. We tracked them to a water hole, GPS’ed the site, then headed back to town. I went with them back to the hole around 5 and waited for night fall.

The little buggers showed up right on schedule. The team took out the first group but I found myself in the middle of the second pack. Earl owes some combat pay! Two of them were sucking the blood out, right through my upper thigh and my back. One of the team ran over and patched me up enough to keep going. Once all the things were dead, they packed me up and brought me into town. The doctors looked at me a little weird but I am recovering. The question I keep hearing the team repeat is, “Why did the Chupacabre begin feeding on humans?”

+8 Hunters
+1 for every exceptional success roll when acting directly against a monster (Nie)
+1 if the cell saved the life of at least one person during the scene (J.T.)
+3 if the hunters killed/destroyed the monster, or permanently rendered the creature harmless
-1 if any bystanders came to harm (J.T.)
Total = 12 Practical Experience (see Experience Points)


Shelexie Shelexie

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