In Monster Hunter, International by Larry Correia, monsters are real and the government pays well to keep that knowledge under wraps. Private companies are able to cash in on taking out monsters for Uncle Sam. Monster Hunter International is one of the industry leaders. Their motto: Evil Looms. Cowboy Up. Kill It. Get Paid.

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Game Plan

Thursdays 4:30-8pm
Dinner is served at 4:30pm. I hope to be playing by 5pm.

Jan. 12 – Let’s get this party started (Spaghetti Night)
Jan. 19 – Where did the monster’s come from? (Potato Bar Night)
Jan. 26 – Who are the real monsters? (Taco Night)
Feb. 2 – Where did the power come from? (Hamburgers and Hotdogs on the grill)
Feb. 9
Feb. 16
Feb. 20 – Monday – Good Bye party
Feb. 23

Monster Hunter International - Texas Division

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